Healthcare network solutions

Connected care, from core to edge

Hospitals and other large-scale healthcare organizations depend on a network that enables information to flow freely, accurately and reliably. With this foundation in place, patients receive better treatment, IT and Operations Technology can develop shared avenues of efficiency, and compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, HIMMS and other regulations becomes simpler and more certain.

CommScope builds a complete ecosystem of wired and wireless network solutions that empower these advantages and more for both public and private healthcare organizations.

From future-ready copper and fiber structured cabling to super-efficient Wi-Fi networks to 5G-ready in-building cellular platforms, CommScope’s end-to-end portfolio delivers the network you need, so you can deliver the care your patients need.



Patient experience/outcome

Strong networks improve collaboration, and that improves outcomes—and they also enable better patient experiences during their telehealth session, visit or stay.


IT/OT network convergence

Sharing a high-performance, future-ready common physical network unlocks the potential for more efficient network administration and facilities operations.


Safety, security, compliancy

Secure your facility with IP cameras, access controls and wander management—and protect patient data with self-monitoring physical infrastructure.


Patient experiences and outcomes icon
Patient experiences and outcomes

Advanced connectivity drives better in-room A/V and more reliable cellular communications for patients—as well as better-informed treatment plans for doctors and nurses to improve outcomes.

IT and Operations Technology synergies icon
IT and Operations Technology synergies

Working together on a single, converged network, both departments can leverage new IoT capabilities, improved operational efficiencies and reduced OpEx across the entire network.

Patient and data security icon
Patient safety, data security and regulatory compliance

High-performance infrastructure enables remote IP cameras, door access controls and other security measures—and intelligent AIM ensures your physical network is keeping patient data safe and regulators satisfied.




  • ケーススタディ:ライエル・マクウィン病院救急科

    The CommScope SYSTIMAX® VisiPatch® 360 solution was already in use at the site; however, it was critical for CommScope’s local partner, Electro Data & Generation (ED&G), to relocate LMH ED’s major IT infrastructure to the new site with minimal disruption to services.
  • ケーススタディ:Associação Renal Vida - Spanish

    New headquarters adopts CommScope solutions and builds a secure and reliable network.
  • ケーススタディ:Associação Renal Vida

    New headquarters adopts CommScope solutions and builds a secure and reliable network.
  • ケーススタディ:Associação Renal Vida - Portuguese

    New headquarters adopts CommScope solutions and builds a secure and reliable network.
  • ケーススタディ:MMC および ImVision®:デバイス管理と戦略的サポート(ポルトガル語)

    MMC 病院は、医療から ICT デバイスまですべての機器がどこにあるかを追跡する SYSTIMAX® imVision® 自動インフラストラクチャー管理ソリューションを導入しています。
  • ケーススタディ:AmerisourceBergen - Portuguese

    米国の大手薬品卸売業者は、コムスコープのサポートを活用して PoE ソリューションを導入し、自社の拡大した駐車施設の安全性の向上とコスト削減に取り組んでいます。