5G mobile networks

Why 5G?

Wireless operators are being challenged as never before to add capacity and boost network performance to stay ahead of the competition on the fast-moving 5G deployment path.

5G is poised to deliver on the exciting promises of our connected world. It means 10 Gbps throughput, denser networks, super low latency. The potential and opportunity is unlimited. As a global leader in wireless network infrastructure solutions, CommScope knows there’s no single approach to 5G and no one-size-fits-all 5G solution—and we have the resources and expertise to help position you for tomorrow.

The Drivers for 5G Adoption


Consumer demand

Subscribers are demanding more bandwidth as streaming video, augmented reality, gaming, and other bandwidth intensive services come to prominence


New business models

Mobile networks operators (MNOs) are seeking new ways to profit from their networks – and 5G opens up the capability to offer new applications and services


Limitless opportunities

A new generation of applications from the Internet of Things (IoT) to self-driving cares to virtual reality are, or soon will be, in use.

Build 5G networks faster and smarter

You’ll find CommScope 5G and LTE wireless network solutions deployed in crowded stadiums, campuses and public spaces—wherever people need to connect. We’re trusted by service providers large and small to power the present and to fast-forward them to 5G.

Navigate the outdoor wireless network landscape—see what’s possible

The CommScope Outdoor Wireless Network interactive tool provides a big-picture view of today’s outdoor wireless network landscape. This tool addresses the critical areas of the macro cell, small cell deployments, and connectivity with the innovative, future-ready solutions you expect from a global leader.


Explore 5G network solutions


コムスコープの柔軟かつ広範なマクロセルソリューションにより、容量の拡張と 5G のための新サイトの更新や導入がより速く経済的になります。 

よりスマート、より迅速に 5G を構築する


コムスコープの屋外スモールセルソリューションを使用したネットワーク高密度化は、容量を拡大し、5G を提供するためのスマートで高速かつ費用効果の高い方法です。



コムスコープは、インテリジェントで管理の容易なビル内ワイヤレス・セルラーソリューションにより、契約者が求めるあらゆる場所でオールウェィズ オンのネットワーク電波環境を提供します。

5G コネクテッド職場の構築

市民ブロードバンド無線サービス (CBRS)

CBRS is driving a new wave of wireless applications in the U.S. CommScope helps enterprises, service providers and others unlock CBRS’ potential.

A new wave of wireless innovation



Manage spectrum and boost network capacity


消費者による自己設置型ホームゲートウェイと RAN ソリューションで、LTE、CBRS、および 5G ネットワークを利用した大規模市場で競争力のあるブロードバンドサービスを展開します。

Broadband services over LTE, CBRS and 5G networks

Solving Your 5G Challenges


Challenge: Cell Site Deployment Complexity

Mobile operators and OEMs are continually searching for ways to efficiently support frequency division duplexing (FDD) and time division duplexing (TDD) with multiple bands from a single antenna. Adding to the complexity is that, in less than 5 years, port counts have grown from less than 10 to easily above 30 on a single antenna. Considering this rapidly changing environment, it is understandable why operators have concerns about the risks of connection errors in the field.

クラスター コネクタで 5G の展開を簡素化する

Watch or listen to the panel discussion where speakers from CommScope, Senza Fili, EJL Wireless, and Radiall discuss how you can simplify your 5G deployments with cluster connectors.


Challenge: 5G, Fiber and the Future

The true promise of 5G is heavily dependent on a robust fiber infrastructure.

The fact is that many networks still feature legacy copper and wireless technology—which is no match for the formidable performance requirements of their customers. CommScope knows how to retrofit networks with the necessary fiber to get the job done.

5G のファイバー基盤コンバージェンスのコストと収益機会

このウェビナーでは、5G 通信を可能にするためにファイバーが必要な理由や増大するファイバー容量へのニーズに対応する最適な方法について学習できます。


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