Outdoor Wireless Networks Green and Sustainable Agenda

Take a big step forward on your journey toward sustainability

All around the world, mobile network operators are going green. Faced with new compliance demands, changing international standards and increased public concern over climate issues, sustainability and circular economy strategies are top of mind for every operator.

That’s why the CommScope Outdoor Wireless Networks (OWN) team is committed to helping mobile network operators achieve their green goals. Our Green and Sustainable Agenda focuses on helping our partners meet their sustainability goals with innovative solutions. Continue reading to learn more about how Commscope OWN can accelerate and streamline the sustainability journey. 


Transparent sustainability, scientifically quantified

While sustainability is a high-priority goal for industries of all kinds, mobile network operators in particular need clear, data-driven transparency on the ecological costs and benefits of their buying decisions. CommScope OWN delivers this transparency because we believe that proof, not platitudes, is what drives real change.

Our Sustainability Value Score (SVScore™ is a demonstrated, documented, data-based measurement of a specific product’s sustainability advantages as quantified across four key metrics, measured on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest value. Currently used for our base station antennas, the SVScore calculates the carbon costs related to radiation efficiency, spatial efficiency, materials use and transportation efficiency to provide a comprehensive, science-backed score that mobile network operators can use to make smart decisions for their networks—and for the planet.


How green thinking takes shape in sustainable solutions

MOSAIC™ antennas

The unique active/passive 4G and 5G antenna that reduces material and energy used in manufacturing and shipping—and greatly extends operational lifecycles. To learn more , Go to Products


The right-sized RAN alternative to 32T32R and 64T64R that can slash energy use and CO2 release by 30 to 50 percent per macro site. To learn more, Go To Products

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PIM-Guard support solutions that reduce power consumption by reducing or eliminating PIM in the RF path, and made of a 100% recyclable polymer material. To learn more, Download Q&A article or Go To Ordering Guide.

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PowerShift® macro and Metro cell power management solutions: Intelligent power distribution. To learn more, Go To Products

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A modular connectivity solution that combines multiple operator networks in a single platform, and is made of a 100% recyclable polymer material.

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