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FTTH & BEAD Funding for Rural America

  • Region: NAR
  • Category: Public Funding
  • Language: English
  • Thursday, July 13, 2023
  • 11:00 AM ET

The BEAD Program offers one of the most significant opportunities for states and network providers to work together to make broadband for everyone a reality. This brings new challenges in determining the best path to connecting our homes, especially in rural areas. Regardless of the architecture, at the heart of every network is fiber and the goal is to get fiber all the way to the premise wherever possible. In this webinar we will explore why different environments and housing densities will necessitate different fiber access network architectures, the details and benefits of those architectures, and other considerations to address deployment challenges given a constrained fiber-skilled labor pool.


Craig Culwell - Market Development – Network Connectivity & Cable

Christopher Barnes - Senior Grants Development Consultant
The Grants Office, LLC

Carl Meyerhofer - SVP Business Development

Nate Denny - Deputy Secretary, Division of Broadband and Digital Equity
State of North Carolina

Tom McGarry -VP of Standards
Telecommunications Industry Association

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