コムスコープの SpanMaster ソフトウェアは、様々な環境負荷条件下でのシングル・マルチモードケーブルの組み合わせの垂れや張力を計算するためのツールです。SpanMaster software takes the user through a logical step-by-step process of information entry and produces sag and tension results for any cable span.

SpanMaster is a great tool for determining the "what ifs" of aerial plant design and makes it easy to conduct a design "checkup" before actual installation begins to determine how strand size, cable bundle size, span length, and the amount of sag will affect the tension being applied to the span's poles under loaded conditions.

With SpanMaster, the user can easily change design variables and compare up to 6 custom ice and wind loading conditions. It allows the user to easily see if span tension and sag are within limits with color coded results.

Finally, SpanMaster can be a very important tool when using jointly shared poles.