Green and sustainable performance for buildings and data centers

A multi-pronged approach to improve our sustainability efforts and outcomes

CommScope’s building and data center segment has developed a multidiscipline, multiphase plan to improve our sustainability efforts and outcomes and help our customers and partners do the same. The plan aligns our core competencies in network architecture, material science and technological innovation with critical environmental needs: energy reduction, waste reduction, and decarbonization. It defines how we respond to the market and the processes/systems needed to support future sustainability action.

At the same time, we recognize there are three parts to environmental, social, corporate governance (ESG); without proper and effective governance, environmental and social progress is limited at best. So, as CommScope continues to evolve our sustainability strategy, we will work to drive it deeper into our company’s culture—giving it standing in the eyes of our employees equal to our commitment to quality and innovation.

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Let’s shape the future together

As a global technology leader in connectivity, CommScope’s network solutions are essential to the world’s critical communications infrastructure.

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How green thinking takes shape in sustainable solutions


The Constellation infrastructure platform is a streamlined, modular and adaptable power/data solution specifically designed for today’s hyperconnected enterprise networks. To learn more, visit Product Overview



Our newest high-speed fiber platform. Modular, ultra-low loss and optimized for 16-fiber applications, Propel gives evolving data center networks a flexible, open path to 400G/800G and beyond. To learn more, Go to products and View ordering guide.

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Eco-packaging - single use plastics

CommScope is building smarter solutions and delivering them in smarter ways so we can all enjoy a healthier planet—and a brighter future together. 

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With an intuitive, web-based architecture, imVision delivers real-time intelligence and device discovery that allow you to monitor and document your cabling infrastructure while tracking the location of all connected network devices. To learn more, go to Product Overview.


Powered Fiber

A complete range of powered fiber solutions designed for just the kind of high-demand powered devices that power smart networks in healthcare, hospitality, education, transportation and government environments, among others. To learn more, Go to products.


Meeting the Moment with Innovation and Resolve

To avert the worst-case scenario, we must rethink business as usual, including how wedesign, deploy and maintain enterprise building and data center (BDCC) networks.


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