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ECO-SERVICE-MGMT | ECO Service Management™

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Optimize the delivery & management of Wi-Fi, triple-play & the connected home

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Features and Benefits
The ECO Service Management platform and integrated applications give service providers visibility into the home network, and the ability to automate and control subscriber devices and experiences. With ECO Service Management, service providers can maximize customer satisfaction and customer retention, as well as accelerate time to market for next generation subscriber services.

ECO Service Management includes a platform that enables management of devices and services, integration with external systems, data collection, and application services as well as mission-critical service management applications that empower customer support, operations, and subscribers.

- ECO Manage - An ECO platform product that enables the management and support of services and devices.
- ECO Collect - An ECO platform product that enables service providers to monitor service quality and understand subscriber experiences through the collection and analysis of subscriber and device data.
- ECO Assist - An ECO application that customer service representatives use to troubleshoot and resolve complex service issues for subscribers.
- ECO Self-Service - An ECO application that enables service-specific experiences that subscribers use to manage their services and resolve their own service issues.
- ECO Monitor - An ECO application that operations personnel use to oversee service availability and quality.
- ECO Agent - An ECO product that can be integrated with subscriber devices to enable remote, automated, secure provisioning and management using CWMP.
- ECO Connect - An ECO platform product that provides connected home applications with presence, location, message routing, and transport services for connected devices.
- ECO Inquire - An ECO application that marketing personnel use to evaluate subscriber behaviors, preferences, and experiences.

ECO Service Management relies on the TR-069 standard for device management and can manage devices from a wide range of hardware manufacturers. 2Wire, now part of ARRIS developed the Open Gateway Management Protocol (OGMP), the basis of TR-069, and ARRIS remains a leading contributor within the Broadband Forum and other standards associations.

ECO Service Management applications may be deployed individually or as an integrated solution. The suite of products is based on a common, three-tier Java Enterprise platform and our deployment architecture supplements IT best practices and controls such as VPN, Firewall, IDS, SSH, redundancy, failover, backup, and disaster recovery.

ARRIS provides a full suite of software innovations that help service providers advance user experiences while streamlining operations.

Built upon our unique knowledge of service providers’ operations and data, ARRIS has developed a robust lineup of software solutions that enable end-to-end management of the critical factors that can impact subscriber experiences and degrade operational efficiency. With ARRIS software solutions, service providers can collect, aggregate and analyze a wealth of data from the back office, field service, network and customer premises to easily find, diagnose and even prevent troublesome and costly performance issues. The result: happy customers and a more efficient operation from the call center to the field.

Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Home network management software

Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Home network management software