SSC‐760237600   |   Micro Radio Enclosure

Middle of Pole Micro Concealment Enclosure for up to two high power remote radio heads

  • Intended  to be used with high powered remote radio heads on standard street lighting and wood pole structures where low-visual impact is desired
  • Enables attractive concealment and securing of all site equipment on standard street lighting structures
  • Highly-flexible configuration can house diplexers, AC load center, and/or fiber demarcation
Product Classification  
Product Type   Metro cell site enclosure
Depth   508.0 mm   |   20.0 in
Height   1117.6 mm   |   44.0 in
Weight (loaded)   136.1 kg   |   300.0 lb
Weight (unloaded)   49.9 kg   |   110.0 lb
Width   533.4 mm   |   21.0 in
General Specifications  
Color   Light Grey (RAL 7035)
Color Notes   SSC‐760237600xx1 - Light Grey   |   SSC‐760237600xx2 - Green   |   SSC‐760237600xx3 - Black   |   SSC‐760237600xx4 - Brown
Color Options   Black   |   Brown (RAL 8014)   |   Green (RAL 6005)
Finish Aluminum   Chromate
Finish Concealment Covers   Powder coated
Material   Aluminum   |   Steel
Electrical Specifications  
Power/Fiber Input   Trade size knockouts at rear side
Antenna Specifications  
Antennas Included   None
Radio Specifications  
Radio Compatibility, Ericsson   (1) 8843/4449 dual-band high power radio and (2) PSU-AC08   |   (2) RRUS11/12/32, 2212, 4415, 4426, 4478   |   SSC-760237600E1x
Radio Compatibility, Nokia   (2) Airscale dual band radios (160W or 320W and (2) Delta 1kW rectifiers (base)   |   (2) B66A/B25A 4x45W & (2) DC rectifiers   |   Note: (2) Airscale micro radios can be mounted in place of (1) dual band RRU   |   SSC-760237600N1x   |   SSC-760237600N3x
Radios Included   None
Mechanical Specifications  
Mounting Options   Wood poles   |   Tapered poles   |   Non-tapered poles
Environmental Specifications  
Cooling   Passive Cooling
Thermal Compliance   GR-487
Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
RoHS 2011/65/EUCompliant

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