760242261   |   Straight Integrated Pole 5G

Straight 12inch diameter, Integrated Concealment Pole for 5G deployments, to mount and conceal mmWave active antennas, radios and other wireless infrastructure equipment in pole modules.

  • Intended to mount and conceal mmWave active antennas and infrastructure equipment utilizing pole modules
  • Includes everything needed for a low-power 4G/5G outdoor small cell site
  • For 5G radios, integrated AC load center/OVP and Disconnect
Product Classification  
Product Type   Metro cell site enclosure
Depth   323.9 mm   |   12.8 in
Depth Note   Round
Height Note   8 ft tall Power Module Base
Pole Diameter   323.9 mm   |   12.8 in
Pole Height Options 20.0 ft   |   25.0 ft   |   30.0 ft   |   35.0 ft   |   40.0 ft
General Specifications  
Color   Light Grey (RAL 7035)
Color Notes   760242261AB1HH - Light Grey   |   760242261AB2HH - Green   |   760242261AB3HH - Black   |   760242261AB4HH - Brown   |   760242261AB5HH- Beige-Grey   |   760242261AB9HH - Metallic Silver   |   760242261ABCHH - Faux Concrete   |   760242261ABWHH - Pure White
Color Options   Beige-Grey (RAL 7006)   |   Black   |   Brown (RAL 8014)   |   Faux Concrete   |   Green (RAL 6005)   |   Metallic Silver   |   Pure White
Finish Aluminum   Chromate
Finish Concealment Covers   Powder coated
Material   Steel
Electrical Specifications  
Power/Fiber Input   AC load center with OVP and disconnect
Antenna Specifications  
Antenna Compatibility, CommScope   mmWave active antennas
Antenna Compatibility, Other Vendors   mmWave active antennas
Antennas Included   None
Radio Specifications  
Radio Compatibility, Ericsson   (3) AIR 5121/5331 (Upgradeable to AIR 6701)   |   760242261E
Radio Compatibility, Nokia   (3) AEUA (Upgradeable to AEWA)   |   760242261N
Radios Included   None
Environmental Specifications  
Cooling   Passive Cooling
Thermal Compliance   GR-487
Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
RoHS 2011/65/EUCompliant

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