Monitor 9

Monitor Free Cooling System, 9 kW

  • Reduces energy consumption and CO² emissions in excess of 90%
  • Recoups investment in one to three years
  • Can be used as a direct cooling system or to work with existing air conditioning installation
  • Comprehensive alarms alert to issues with the system or the cabinet environment
  • Real time and online telemetry and control
Product Classification  
Product Type   Cooling system
Depth   150 mm   |   6 in
Height   960 mm   |   38 in
Weight   111 kg   |   245 lb
Width   450 mm   |   18 in
General Specifications  
Color   Standard RAL Colors available
Fans, quantity   2
Finish   Powder coated
Installation Duration   5 hrs
Installation Team, quantity   2
Material Type   Galvanized steel
Electrical Specifications  
Operating Current at Voltage, maximum   13.5 A @-52 Vdc
Power Consumption at 50% Speed   90 W
Power Consumption at Nominal Voltage   720 W
Voltage   -38 Vdc   |   -58 Vdc
Mechanical Specifications  
Cooling Capacity at Δt=10 °C (inlet to exhaust)   9.0 W
Cooling Capacity at Δt=7 °C (inlet to exhaust)   6.4 W
Flow Rate at 100% Fan Speed   3000 m3/hr
Environmental Specifications  
Air Filtration Efficiency   MERV 11
Operating Temperature   -30 °C to +40 °C (-22 °F to +104 °F)
Qualification Standards   CE
Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
RoHS 2011/65/EUcompliant

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