Points of Interface (POI) and Components

State-of-the-art BTS-to-DAS interface solutions

CommScope offers sophisticated base transceiver station (BTS) to distributed antenna system (DAS) interface solutions that monitor and correct BTS conditioning while minimizing passive intermodulation (PIM). These high-performance point of interface (POI) modules merge signal combining and splitting into one affordable, space-saving solution.

The plug-and-play designs eliminate the need for bulky, multi-component interface implementation as well as external splitters, couplers and terminators. Available in active or passive point of interface configuration, our i-POI™ and p-POI™ solutions are compatible with all frequencies and services, including GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE.

  • Two low-PIM BTS interfaces
  • Support for duplexed and non-duplexed signal and uplink diversity
  • E-9-1-1 interface
  • Up to eight modules can be plugged into one subrack
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