Futurecom 2019

Futurecom 2019

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Region: LATAM

October 28-31, 2019


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Futurecom an international forum where the hyper-connectivity of new communication technologies is promoted and debated in the context of technology, industrial policies, regulatory issues and market demands.



Wireless Convergence

Unlocking the potential of your network's 5G future begins with a winning densification strategy. With cable and fiber portfolios, as well as antennas and wireless networks, CommScope is well positioned to help operators around the globe.

Path to 10G

As broadband networks evolve to meet the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth, network operators are challenged to adapt their network designs accordingly. The Access Network Evolution Framework provides multiple broadband architectures to help operators deploy and manage their broadband access networks more effectively and efficiently.

Ultra Connected Home

Multigigabit broadband modems & gateways with next gen Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. Delivering Wi-Fi performance & coverage in the home while reducing support costs using auto-configuring network extenders, self-optimizing networks, consumer app and cloud analytics.

Wireline Convergence

With CommScope, operators can evolve their existing copper and fiber wireline networks to create the foundation for tomorrow's success. Our advanced solutions can help any network become more flexible, reliable and easier to maintain. In addition, our proven solutions are cost-effective, and easy to install.


Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Time / Location Speaker Title Description
Eduardo Jedruch
5G Networks: Network Evolution Fiber Requirements and Options. Indoor and Metro Opportunities
Operators expect 5G to deliver lower latency, improved quality of experience, increased capacity, reliability and faster speeds. In this session, learn the current state of the technology and how operators will harness 5G while leveraging their fixed and optical networks for the required densification.
Time / Location Speaker Title Description
Jose Tavares
What’s Next for Virtualization and the Cloud?
Through digital transformation, software applications and services are assuming the roles of traditional hardware. Virtualization, cloud and containerization technologies allow for these services to migrate from proprietary platforms to public and/or private cloud using commodity hardware.

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