AfricaCom 2019

AfricaCom 2019

CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa

Region: Middle East & Africa

November 12-14, 2019


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AfricaCom is the largest and the most influential tech and telecoms event in Africa. The place to meet everybody who’s anybody in African telecoms and technology.

With 400 exhibitors showcasing technologies and solutions covering everything from 5G, AI, IoT, TV, Fintech and more, it provides a vibrant learning and networking platform for professionals in the Telecom and Information Technology industry in Africa.

  • The Ultra Connected Home

    Even as the number of connected devices continues to grow, consumers expect excellent coverage everywhere in their home. As broadband connections deliver gigabit speeds, they expect faster Wi-Fi throughout. We make it simple for consumers to self-install and use, essential to reduce the high volume of Wi-Fi related calls to Service Provider support channels.
    Our solutions make it possible for Service Providers to deliver premium services, like UHD sports. IoT and VR, over Wi-Fi. We provide the consistency needed to deliver service promises that increase customer satisfaction.

  • Evolving the TV Experience

    Smart Media Devices (SMD) change the way people enjoy their entertainment, obtain information, and interact with their connected home, through a more seamless integrated consumer experience.
    By combining multiple devices in one, the Smart Media Device reduces clutter and the number of Wi-Fi devices in the home. It provides for greater cross-service delivery flexibility with improved economics than that of multiple individual devices.

  • Wi-Fi 6

    The next generation of Wi-Fi is here, more capacity more speed than ever before on Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation what is new and how it works. And what is needed from you network to support these new speeds. Multi Gig switching and Cat6/Cat6a cables to support this new standard.



ARRIS AND RUCKUS HAVE JOINED COMMSCOPE and together we now offer an unprecedented range of connectivity solutions.

  • Cloud Analytics

    The world is moving to cloud where the is more processing power to handle the complicated needs of analytics, Ruckus Cloud Analytics has machine learning where we can detect and help with problems as the appear. A new way of reporting an Analytics.

  • In-building wireless solutions

    Most mobile connections take place in-building and this will only increase with smart buildings and 5G. CommScope solutions have you covered indoors. CommScope helps operators and neutral hosts realize the potential of smart buildings, by delivering wireless capacity and excellent user experience indoors, with optimal deployment economics and a path to 5G.

    • Our Era C-RAN antenna system uses any third-party signal source, on-premise or in the cloud, and new high-power remotes to serve just about any venue.
    • Our OneCell C-RAN small cell provides its own signal source with indoor-focused optimizations like cell virtualization for greater capacity.
    • OneCell’s new RP5000 radio point features programmable radios for field upgrades to 5G NR.
    • Both Era and OneCell use all-digital fronthaul that runs on standard IT cabling, establishing a 5G-ready infrastructure for buildings and venues.
  • Outdoor Small Cell Solutions

    CommScope outdoor small cell solutions include antennas, RF combiners, WDM, power, fiber and wireless backhaul, and concealment solutions.
    Outdoor small cell densification is an enabler of LTE capacity today and 5G deployments tomorrow. CommScope offers an entire outdoor small cell solution including antennas, RF combiners, WDM, power, fiber and wireless backhaul, and aesthetically pleasing concealment solutions. CommScope has options for housing RF equipment at the bottom, middle or top of a street pole, enabling us to meet most zoning standards, while also meeting the equipment’s thermal requirements. Whether you need them in established urban corridors, new smart cities, or anywhere in-between, CommScope provides the right small cell solutions.

  • Wireline Solutions

    As customer demands continue to grow, telecom networks must change and converge in order to keep up with:

    • Customer thirst for more bandwidth
    • Proliferation of technologies
    • Increasing regulatory changes

    With CommScope, operators can evolve their existing copper and fiber wireline networks to become the foundation for tomorrow's success. Our advanced solutions can help any network become more flexible, reliable and easier to maintain. In addition, our proven solutions are cost-effective, and easy to install.

    Regardless of where your network is today, it will be different tomorrow—and CommScope has both the expertise and solutions that can help solve many of your problems now and in the future.


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