Intelligence and Energy Conservation in One Solution

Joseph_Depa_2 Joseph P. Depa III November 17, 2011

Operators are not only looking to add intelligence into their networks, allowing them to make adjustments to parameters improving network performance and increasing overall operational efficiency, but they are looking to maintain or increase service levels while reducing energy consumption. During the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, our Intelligent Addressable Tap Solution can offer operators both a way to add intelligence to a network, but also reduce energy costs associated with truck roles in high churn areas.

This solution provides operators with the ability to remotely control tapsfrom a system office, headend or technical center, and set up subscriber groups for straightforward connects or disconnects. An operations team can also utilize this solution to troubleshoot noise on the network. Selectable filtering options permit technicians to isolate and identify the location of subscriber-based return path ingress prior to sending a technician out to the field. This solution improves operational efficiency while enhancing the customer experience of immediate provisioning of services.

By deploying this solution, operators also have the ability to remotely control taps from the system office, headend or technical center. The ability to remotely control individual tap ports yields maximum benefits to operators in vacation areas, campus environments, MDUs and other high churn areas. This flexibility allows operators to reduce truck rolls, thus reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Please see this video from Robert Riggsby, product management and new product development, RF Connectivity, CommScope, on how this solution will allow operators to provide today’s advanced services to their customers, while implementing capabilities for their intelligence evolution.

CommScope is exhibiting its solutions offerings at Booth 1854, as well as at the Green Pavilion. Come see how CommScope can answer your technology, energy and intelligence questions.

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