How to Deploy DAS More Effectively

Karri-Reddy-5-29-15-thumb Karri Reddy June 2, 2015

DAS-Congress-2015Time to market has always been a major challenge in distributed antenna systems (DAS). Customers expect great performing systems deployed in a limited amount of time. Deadline pressure sometimes compels engineers to take shortcuts and commission the system at less than optimal performance. The result can be degraded quality of service for customers and increased inefficiency for the network operator.

Sound like a familiar problem? If you are an engineer, system integrator or installation professional in the DAS field faced with such challenges, I have something to help. I will be co-hosting a workshop with DAS experts from CommScope and Verizon Wireless at the DAS & Small Cells Congress next week about “Design and Optimization Techniques for DAS Systems.”

My presentation will focus on DAS design standards and guidelines and how a few specific techniques can make a huge difference for deploying systems effectively. The workshop will include advice for supporting high-number sector deployments and managing customer expectations. Those who attend will get tips for deploying DAS more effectively and with better performance.

The pre-conference workshop is on Monday, June 8 from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m at The Roosevelt New Orleans Hotel. The first half of the session will cover the above topics. The second half will focus on a project management case study of NRG Stadium in Houston.

Do you have DAS deployment questions in advance? Leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you.

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Karri Reddy

Karri Reddy is director of systems engineering, Americas, for the Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions team at CommScope. Karri leads the engineering team responsible for designing and deploying distributed antenna systems (DAS). Prior to joining CommScope in 2006, Karri worked as an RF consultant at AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, supporting macro cell site designs and performance teams. He holds a master’s degree in telecommunications from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.